A New Mana Game Might Come To Switch If It Happens

A New Mana Game Might Come To Switch If It Happens

Mana series producer Masaru Oyamada has expressed his interest in making a new Mana game if he gets the opportunity to do it in the future.

If the new Mana game is developed, the Nintendo Switch would be considered as a potential platform. Oyamada further added that the option would be “hard to remove”. Here are Oyamada’s full comments:

Personally, after I took up the role as the Producer of the Mana series it has been our goal to create a new title in the Mana series. With that said, there has been this period of time that an entry in the Mana series hasn’t been released. We’ve decided to remake the Adventures of Mana and Secret of Mana in order for people who have played the titles to get to know it once again as well as give players who are new to the series an opportunity to experience the game and get everyone up to speed.

Considering the amount of passion people have for the (Switch), it will be hard to remove it as a release option for any future projects.

Square Enix recently released a Secret of Mana remake on PS4 and will explore the possibility of bringing it to Nintendo Switch due to fan demand.