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November 17th | NintendoSoup
New Pokemon Anime Series “Pocket Monsters” Officially Revealed, Starts November 17th

New Pokemon Anime Series “Pocket Monsters” Officially Revealed, Starts November 17th

The Pokemon Company has officially revealed the title and airdate of the new Pokemon anime series that will follow Pokemon Sun & Moon.

The new anime is simply called “Pocket Monsters” in Japan and follows Ash & Pikachu in a journey across the Pokemon World. Joining them on the journey will be a new character named “Gou” whose partner is a Scorbunny, tying it into the latest Pokemon games.

The Pokemon Company also released a new trailer showing off the new characters, which notably confirmed that the leaked poster from a few days ago was in fact real.

Check it out below:

“Pocket Monsters” will air its first episode on November 17th 2019 in Japan, kicking things off with a 1 hour long special.

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