New Pokemon Impidimp’s Japanese Name Finally Revealed

New Pokemon Impidimp’s Japanese Name Finally Revealed

During this year’s E3 conference, The Pokemon Company introduced Impidimp, a brand new Pokemon set to debut in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

That said, outside of the E3 demo, TPC has been strangely tight-lipped about the Dark/Fairy type devil Pokemon. This is in stark contrast to its fellow E3 demo Pokemon Yamper, which went on to get a full feature in the Gigantamax trailer. Furthermore, Impidimp does not even feature on the official Pokemon Sword & Shield website, and has no official art.

In fact, TPC has been so silent about Impidimp that we have only just now learned of its Japanese name due to the E3 demo finally making its rounds in Japan: Berobaa (ベロバー).

It seems quite surreal for a Pokemon’s Japanese name to only be revealed months after its English one, especially given the franchise originated in Japan. We can only wonder what secrets Impidimp may be hiding, such that the Pokemon Company has gone this long without talking about it.

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