New Splatoon Frostyfest Splatfest Revealed

New Splatoon Frostyfest Splatfest Revealed

From the 4th January to 6th, Nintendo will be holding a winter themed Splatfest!

The event will go under the name Frostyfest and will have a theme around Family vs Friends!

Get the details from these tweets from @SplatoonNews below!

You will also be able to get exclusive costumes from the Squid Research Lab News Channel on Nintendo Switch!

It seems this event will be very similar to the Halloween event that took place for Splatoon 2 in October!

Are you all excited for this Splatfest? If so leave your thoughts in the comments below!

If we have more information to share on Splatoon 2 we will cover them here on NintendoSoup so stay tuned!