Nightmare Busters: Rebirth Will Revive An Unreleased SNES Game On Modern Consoles

Nightmare Busters: Rebirth Will Revive An Unreleased SNES Game On Modern Consoles

It looks like enthusiasts can now look forward to seeing a lost piece of gaming history make a grand return in the future!

Publisher Pix’n Love Games and developer Aurora Game Studio have announced Nightmare Busters: Rebirth – a modern revival of a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) game developed in 1994, but never officially released. The title is currently slated for release on PCs and consoles, although no specific consoles were named.

Here are some work-in-progress images below, along with more details:

“Initially developed in 1994 by Arcade Zone on Super Nintendo, Nightmare Busters would unfortunately never be released. Eager to pay homage to this enchanting arcade game, Aurora Game Studio and Pix’n Love Games partner to give life back to this creation, born to an extraordinary fate.

Packed with frantic action, Nightmare Busters: Rebirth is a 2D action title of the run n’ gun genre in the best tradition of action arcade games. The story follows Flynn and Floyd, two nightmare-hunting leprechaun brothers, through six varied and colorful environments, in their journey to thwart the plans of the diabolical Tyrant!

Under the watchful eye of some of the original creators, Nightmare Busters: Rebirth makes a point of honor to keep the foundations of the original work while enjoying the enhancements of modern gameplay and current developing tools:

  • Entirely redone graphics, UI, and soundtrack.
  • Traditional hand-drawn animation.
  • Redone level design.
  • Gradual and readjusted difficulty.
  • Two-player option.
  • Several new modes added. (Speedrun, Ultimate, Museum, etc.)

Currently in pre-production, Nightmare Busters: Rebirth is about to enter its production phase and promises an unforgettable and fast-paced journey in nightmare land, on PC and consoles!”