Nintendo Files New Multi-Screen Gaming Patent

Nintendo Files New Multi-Screen Gaming Patent

Nintendo is always looking for new ways to enhance all our playing experiences. In a newly filed patent by Nintendo, the game masters at Nintendo attempt to reimagine what is possible with a collection of portable screens by allowing them to interact with each other.

The patent includes a few really interesting stuff, like putting screens together to amalgamate a gaming experience on the table.

In fact, why should the screens be placed together on the same plane?

Screens can even interact using Nintendo’s favourite motion controls such as tilt to play a game of tilt bowling.

The possibilities seemed limitless in the 42-page patent filing.

While the screens look a bit like Switch screens, it is currently unknown whether the Switch’s screen can actually pull off such experiences, especially when the Switch console (screen) by itself does not have any accelerometers to allow for tilt bowling. Maybe the next version of Switch will include some of these experience into it.