Nintendo Labo RC Car Uses IR Sensor As POV Camera

Nintendo Labo RC Car Uses IR Sensor As POV Camera

With all the high end drones and RC cars coming with a camera on board for Point of View (POV) imaging, Nintendo’s Labo RC car does not intend to be left behind.

According to Kotaku, Nintendo has implemented a surprisingly ingenious use of the right joy-con’s IR sensor. The Nintendo Labo RC car will use the thermo-images from the joy-con to act as a viewfinder.

It’s somewhat surprising that the vibrations of the Joy-Cons can make the car move forward, and it’s neat that you can change the vibrational frequencies to tweak the car’s performance. The great twist is that it turns out that that black sensor at the bottom of every right Joy-Con can function as a camera and that, for the RC Car experience, can be used as a Predator-vision heat sensor. The sensor enables the car to auto-drive toward your hand or other warm things. In other words, the RC Car can be toggled to automatically chase your dog or cat or baby

Nintendo Labo’s ingenuity seems to know no boundaries as the developers find ways to maximise the joy-cons’ functions while working around the limitations of the Switch in general.

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