Nintendo Orders eBay To Take Down “Unmodified Switch” Listing

Nintendo Orders eBay To Take Down “Unmodified Switch” Listing

Thinking of listing your Nintendo Switch on eBay? You might want to be very careful with how you describe it.

ResetERA user Intoxicate recently put up their launch day Nintendo Switch for sale on eBay. Instead of receiving inquiries from potential buyers, they were informed by eBay that their listing has been deleted because it “violates Nintendo IP”. The request was made by brand protection firm Incoproip, which works on behalf of Nintendo of America to take down copyright infringing Youtube videos and other material.

The reason why the listing had to be taken down wasn’t because the Nintendo Switch was a hacked Switch, but rather the listing mentioned that the “Switch is an old model which could be modified”. Some felt taking down the listing was harsh while others think it was the right thing to do.

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