Nintendo Reaffirms Pledge To Not Use Conflict Mineral

Nintendo Reaffirms Pledge To Not Use Conflict Mineral

With the world being in quite a disarray and minerals being mined to fund wars, Nintendo has reaffirmed its policy to ban the use of such conflict minerals in their product.

Speaking to, Nintendo reaffirms its global responsibility and policy of not using such minerals in their hardware. This is despite the fact that according to investigations conducted in 2016, Nintendo was cited as not being 100% conflict mineral free, with 87 out of 329 of its suppliers not certified conflict free.

This is Nintendo’s statement:

Nintendo takes its social responsibility as a global company very seriously. We have an unequivocal policy banning the use of conflict minerals in any of our products, and expect our production partners to do the same. Because Nintendo outsources the manufacture and assembly of all Nintendo products to its production partners, we established the Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines based on relevant laws, international standards and guidelines that focus on protecting human rights, ensuring workplace safety, promoting corporate ethics and safeguarding the environment. We share these guidelines with all of our production partners.

These guidelines require our production partners to establish a policy banning the use of conflict minerals and investigate the source of materials in our products by using the internationally recognized RMI conflict minerals reporting tool.

We continue to actively work with our production partners in our supply chain to refrain from using conflict minerals in our products.

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