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qz9, 17, l, zoh, mg, 4s, dcw, f, Nintendo Shares Special Artwork And In-Game Rewards To Celebrate 1st Anniversary Of Super Kirby Clash | NintendoSoup
Nintendo Shares Special Artwork And In-Game Rewards To Celebrate 1st Anniversary Of Super Kirby Clash

Nintendo Shares Special Artwork And In-Game Rewards To Celebrate 1st Anniversary Of Super Kirby Clash

One year ago, Nintendo and HAL Laboratory released the co-op action game Super Kirby Clash for Nintendo Switch!

To celebrate this occasion, Nintendo has shared a special piece of artwork by the folks at HAL Laboratory featuring Kirby, Nightmare, Magolor, and Bandanna Waddle Dee. In addition to this, it also shared a special password that will give Super Kirby Clash players many useful items, until 5 October 2020.

Check out the full artwork and password below: