Nintendo Switch Account Banned After PayPal Issues A Refund

Nintendo Switch Account Banned After PayPal Issues A Refund

Today we have a very unusual piece of news of how a Nintendo Switch user was banned after PayPal refunded their eShop purchase.

Reddit user judestone claims Nintendo suspended their Nintendo Account after PayPal issued a refund for a game they purchased on the Nintendo Switch eShop. After Judestone’s Nintendo Account was banned, they lost access to all of the games downloaded on Nintendo Switch.

Making things worse is the fact that Judestone lives in India and they had used a Mexican region Nintendo Account in order to purchase games at the cheapest rates. To appeal the ban, they will have to contact Nintendo Mexico, which only supports Spanish inquiries.

The user also claimed that they did not ask PayPal for a refund. A few days before their account was banned, Judestone asked PayPal support about their exchange rates. Instead of getting an answer, his eShop transaction was refunded by PayPal, as it’s against PayPal policy to purchase digital content from another region. It’s against Nintendo’s terms and conditions to file a chargeback on a digital purchase, and thus Judestone was banned for that.

To sum it up, if you’re using PayPal as a payment method on a Nintendo eShop that’s not the same as your country of residence, you would probably want to avoid contacting PayPal Support or use a credit card instead.

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