Nintendo Switch crosses 1 million sold in Japan

Nintendo Switch crosses 1 million sold in Japan

With the debut of ARMS last week, a new milestone has been set for Nintendo Switch in Japan. According to Dengki’s sales data, the hybrid console has sold 1 million units in the country. It only took 16 weeks to achieve this.

Comparing to how Wii U and Wii performed during their first 16 weeks, Switch has outsold Wii U by 180k units, but Wii still outpaces Switch by 850k units. Given the current shortages plaguing Japan, we believe the Switch would have sold more if there were more units manufactured for Japan.

Now the biggest question is how big of a boost will Nintendo Switch get from Splatoon 2, probably the most anticipated Switch game in Japan. We’ll find out in 1 month’s time.



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