Nintendo Switch Firmware Version 6.0.0 Has Been Datamined

Nintendo Switch Firmware Version 6.0.0 Has Been Datamined

SciresM and shadowninja108, two prominent members of the homebrew and hacking community, have fully datamined the upcoming Nintendo Switch firmware version 6.0.0 update.

Both hackers got their hands on early on the update thanks to Nintendo uploading the update to their servers. We are expecting the update to go live next week. So now let’s go through what the update contains.

First, the update will activate support for Nintendo Switch Online, scheduled to launch in the second half of September 2018. The slogan for the subscription service is apparently “More Games. More Features. More Fun.”

Along with Nintendo Switch Online is the activation of the save data cloud backup function. We’ve also learned six new Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker images profile pictures have been added in the update, as well as images for Famicom, NES, and SNES controllers, which could indicate future SNES games added to Nintendo Switch Online.


Unfortunately, there is no mention of the rumored messaging system (shared by SciresM himself) and two web apps, but we’ll keep you updated should any developments appear.

Other changes under the hood include mitigations against the unpatchable Switch exploit (this is Nvidia’s fault, not Nintendo’s), and enhanced functionality to detect exploits.