Here’s How Cloud Saves Work On Nintendo Switch

Here’s How Cloud Saves Work On Nintendo Switch

When the Nintendo Switch Online membership launches in the second half of September, players will be able to take advantage of Save Data Cloud Backup to backup their save data onto the cloud.

One thing that we haven’t heard from Nintendo is how Cloud Saves actually work. But today, we have found the answer thanks to a Diablo III Eternal Collectionassociate producer Matt Cederquist.

According to Cederquist, save files for games will automatically be uploaded to the cloud on a regular basis, so no user action is required. As to how often that happens, we do not know at this point of time.

Save data backed up in the cloud is transferable to other Nintendo Switch consoles, so you can continue playing on a friend’s console.

Cederquis has also shared a detail specific to Diablo III Eternal Collection. When save data from Diablo III goes to the cloud, the only thing that won’t upload is leaderboards. Achievements and campaign progress will be uploaded.

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