Nintendo Switch Rated “Least Creepy” Of Holiday Electronics

Nintendo Switch Rated “Least Creepy” Of Holiday Electronics

The Nintendo Switch is ranking high up on the Mozilla Privacy shopping guide for being the “Least Creepy.”

This is a site that shows various popular holiday electronics, gives security & privacy info about them, and gives certifications for items that meet minimum security standards.

The Nintendo Switch was certified to meet their minimum security standards, with a 5 out of 8 in standards.

Using a metric called the “Creep-O-Meter”, users can rate a product in terms of spying/privacy violations allows to assign how “creepy” these electronics are. The website has the following description for the Switch.

Super Mario. The Legend of Zelda. Need we say more? Two of the greatest video game superstars of all time live here on the Nintendo Switch — a handy little console that lets you play at home on your TV or toss it in your bag to play anywhere. Good guy Nintendo also puts a lot of emphasis on easy-to-use parental controls. Dear Santa, we’ve been really good this year.

Check out their site here for the full list of electronics and their privacy rating.