The Nintendo Switch Sees Its Biggest Restock In Japan This Week

The Nintendo Switch Sees Its Biggest Restock In Japan This Week

Japanese customers have been the worst hit by the Nintendo Switch shortage. For months, thousands of eager customers have lined up outside chain stores for hours, in hopes of winning a chance of purchasing a Nintendo Switch during weekly lotteries.

Back in June, Nintendo apologized for the shortage to Japanese consumers, and promised to ramp up production for the Japanese market. This week’s restock has shown they have made good of that promise.

Japanese Nintendo website SwitchSoku has reported a “huge surge” of Nintendo Switch replenishments this weekend. According to the report, retailers such as Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera have received between 100 to 1000 units at different locations.

Lotteries were still being organized across the country, as the 200 units a Bic Camera received wasn’t sufficient for the 2,000 large crowd.

As part of the huge replenishment, the popular Neon Green/Neon Pink Joy-Con Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Set returned to stores.

If Nintendo is able to keep up their current pace, it’s a matter of time before the Nintendo Switch shortage ends in Japan, and unhappy parents won’t have to pay scalpers anymore.