This Nintendo Switch USB Cable Is Taller Than You

This Nintendo Switch USB Cable Is Taller Than You

GameTech, the inventors of wonderful Switch accessories such as this cartridge storage stand and plastic case protecting your Switch’s backside from scratches, has created a brand new product for the Nintendo Switch.

Their latest invention is a USB charging cable that is 4 meters (13.1 feet) long. One end of the cable is a USB-C connector which connects to your Nintendo Switch, while the other is a USB-A connector that can be plugged into a power bank or any USB port.

The charging cable comes in two variations – a L-shape USB-C connector and a standard USB-C connector. The L-shape variation is recommended for those who usually play in Handheld Mode.

Here’s a closer look at both ends:

If you need a ridiculously 4m long USB charging cable for your Nintendo Switch, you can import one from Amazon Japan here. Need something shorter? There’s a 2m long version here.