Take Your Smash Bros. Melee On The Go With This DIY Portable Wii

Take Your Smash Bros. Melee On The Go With This DIY Portable Wii

Although Super Smash Bros. For 3DS allowed you to take the Smash franchise on the go for the first time, we all know that it is not exactly what you will call a “best-came” scenario. But what if you really wanted to bring your Smash on the go?

Jefflongo from BitBuilt forums has an answer to that. By compacting the guts of a Wii into a portable form, he can essentially bring every Wii and GameCube game on the go.

While his machine is not exactly the thinnest contraption In the world, it does have all the bells and whistles to make it entirely functional. On top of all the traditional controls, it also have IR sensors for Wiimotes, an AV out, and a USB port to load games onto the diskdrive-less machine.

OMGWTF trimmed Wii motherboard
Custom 3D printed case
7.4v 6800mAh (2S2P) 18650 battery configuration
Single port charge and play with red/green charging LED, works with standard 12v DC adapter
5″ 4:3 composite display
Stereo speakers with volume adjustment buttons
Original GameCube controller buttons and 3DS sliders
Dual tact shoulder buttons
All four controller ports, with a switch for internal/external p1 controls
Original AV out port to play on an external TV
IR LEDs for Wiimotes
Bluetooth sync and reset buttons
Games loadable via USB

Plus, the machine looking just like an old GameCube is totally a huge bonus. You can take a look at Jeff’s tinkering process here.

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