NintendoSoup’s Most Popular Reviews Of 2017

NintendoSoup’s Most Popular Reviews Of 2017

Let’s take a look at NintendoSoup’s most popular reviews the world has read in 2017!

Number 1: Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura (Switch)

Some people call it a girlfriend simulator, some call it a boob sim, but we call it a massage simulator. The CERO 18 entertainment Nintendo Switch game which has only been released in Japan is our most popular review of the year, partly because it’s the first English review for the title in the world! Let’s hope Marvelous Games localizes it in 2018.

Number 2: Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon (3DS)

Many readers were curious with what we thought about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and we delivered exactly that. It’s not something you must buy if you have owned Pokemon Sun and Moon, but great titles for those who haven’t dipped their feet into the Alola region.

Number 3: DOOM (Switch)

Despite performance issues, blaring sounds, and blurry graphics, classic shooting title DOOM has been a huge hit with us over at NintendoSoup, thanks to its marvelous intense gameplay. We can’t wait to try out Wolfenstein II when it arrives on Switch next year!

Number 4: Sonic Forces (Switch)

SEGA’s latest Sonic title, Sonic Forces, received lots of criticism from other outlets. We think that the game has its own strengths, but it’s lacking the punch that it needs to truly succeed.

Number 5: RPG Maker Fes (3DS)

As the name implies, RPG Maker Fes lets players to make the RPGs of their dreams, and the software delivers that experience as promised. Despite the limitations of the 3DS, players can bring their worlds, stories, and characters to life at the stroke of the stylus pretty much easily.

And that comes to the end of our top 5 reviews for 2017. There are tons of other reviews which you can check out here, and expect us to deliver more DIRECTLY to you in 2018.

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