Official Kirby Artbook Reveals Kirby Has A Skeleton (UPDATE)

Official Kirby Artbook Reveals Kirby Has A Skeleton (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Apparently the artbook is Dream Science Laboratory 16 published by Kadokawa/Media Factory, which also publishes some official Nintendo artbooks. The drawing in the book is the artist’s imagination, so it is not official from Nintendo. Thanks to S for pointing out.

Kirby, the pink fluffy ball known for its cuteness and ability to suck all of its enemies, apparently has a skeleton.

This piece of information comes from an official Kirby artbook in Japan. For comparison’s sake, here’s how Kirby looks like in his natural form:

And here’s how Kirby’s skeletal model looks like:

As you can see, Kirby has a brain and many different bones in his body, even though he is a puffy little ball that can be squished in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This may come as a shock to many Kirby fans who think there’s absolutely nothing inside Kirby. After all, Kirby is a god that can somehow suck an unlimited number of enemies without any visible changes to his body.

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