Oninaki Receives Character Profile For Mayura

Oninaki Receives Character Profile For Mayura

Square Enix has released new characters profile for Mayura, as per her role in the action RPG Oninaki.

You can read up on her in further detail below. Like her childhood friend Kagachi, Mayura is also a Watcher working to balance the scales of life and death.


“We’re here to help you pass into the next world.”

A young Watcher with a kind heart, Mayura is Kushi’s daughter and Kagachi’s childhood friend. She places profound importance on her relationships with others, whether with the souls of the Lost, or the Daemons she manifests. Yet this is also the source of her greatest strife. Standing as she does between the living and the dead, the tensions created by the precepts of reincarnation are a constant struggle for her.


Oninaki will be hitting Nintendo Switch in Summer 2019.