Phantasy Star Releases on Nintendo Switch Today

Phantasy Star Releases on Nintendo Switch Today

Phantasy Star is now available on Switch as part of the SEGA AGES Lineup.

Players can choose between playing with the original format, or play with new quality of life features according to the press release from SEGA.

 Like all SEGA AGES releases, Phantasy Star is developed by the highly acclaimed retro development studio M2 and originally from the mind of legendary designer Rieko Kodama!

About: One of the most innovative games of its time, Phantasy Star is a groundbreaking sci-fi RPG that follows Alis in her planet-spanning quest to avenge the death of her brother and topple a tyrannical regime. Besides faithfully recreating the original experience, this version adds something for everyone, including a new map display to help novice adventurers and a compendium where longtime fans can view their favorite monsters.

Phantasy Star launches today on Nintendo Switch™ for $7.99.

View the launch trailer below for a look at the game or check out the website here for more info about the game.