Pichu Gets Displayed In 17,00 Piece Domino Show. But It's Not Just Any Pichu | NintendoSoup
Pichu Gets Displayed In 17,00 Piece Domino Show. But It’s Not Just Any Pichu

Pichu Gets Displayed In 17,00 Piece Domino Show. But It’s Not Just Any Pichu

Pokemon of the month is back for TheDominoKing, but he might be hiding a secret in his newest video.

TheDominoKing released a video showing Pichu as the next project for his domino toppling series.

This marks the return of the Pokemon of the Month series where TheDominoKing chooses a Pokemon create out of dominos on a monthly basis.

And it looks like this might be very specific Pichu.

Spiky-eared Pichu DP 1.png

If you look at Pichu’s left ear(from our perspective our right), you’ll notice three black spikes protruding from its ear.

This identifies Pichu as Spiky-eared Pichu.

She’s a bit different from your average Pichu and first appeared in the movie Arceus and the Jewel of Life.

Spiky-eared Pichu later became available in-game through an event in HeartGold and SoulSilver after visiting Ilex forest with a special Shiny Pichu.Pichupichushrine.png

Not only that, but if you take her to see Prof. Elm, he’ll reveal that Spiky-eared Pichu is a time traveler that traveled to the present day thanks to Celebi.

This chronal anomaly also prevents Spiky-eared Pichu from being transferred or traded to other games.

We’re not sure if TheDominoKing intentionally picked this specific Pichu  but we will update you if that news surfaces.

Did you know about Spiky-eared Pichu? What did you think about TheDominoKing’s newest Pokemon to be featured on his channel?

Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon of the Month is finally back after a year hiatus. I choose to make Pichu out of pure randomness. My plan is to make a Pokemon of the Month video every 2-3 months depending on how well you all like them. So, what Pokemon would you like to see next? Overall this video took around 3 or 4 days of work and consisted of 17,516 dominoes! As always I hope you enjoyed the video and if you did please like, comment, subscribe, and share this video anyway that you can, I greatly appreciate it.