Pix The Cat Announced For Switch, Launches August 8

Pix The Cat Announced For Switch, Launches August 8

Need a deep pit of arcade action to kill some time? Well, look no further!

Playdigrious have revealed that puzzle-arcade title Pix the Cat will be hitting the Switch on 8 August 2019, for just $9.99 USD. The simple-looking game packs in four different modes for all kinds of players – such as the straightforward Nostalgia Mode, or the devious Laboratory levels!

Check out a new Switch trailer for the game below, along with more details.


Put your reflexes to the test and scratch your head with Pix the Cat! This critically acclaimed intense arcade game is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat! Your mission is simple: collect all the ducklings and lead them to a safe zone! Easier said than done, though: if you’re not careful enough, you’ll end up crashing into those poor cuties before you know it! Play against your own ghost, your friends’, the master of the leaderboard’s or even the developers’ to push your limits even further and improve your skills in this all-out race to reach the highest score possible! Four different game modes available !


  • Arena: Joust against your friends! Collect as many eggs as possible to use them as ammo to blast your oppon- I mean, friends away! Only the most skilled player -or luckiest, we’re not so sure- will be the last one standing! Up to four players can join the fun.
  • Arcade mode: Hatch as many ducklings as possible to always go deeper and deeper into the Grid of Infinity. Lead them to safe zones, watch out for walls and enemies, and get the highest score possible! But truth be told, your worst enemy here is yourself…
  • Nostalgia mode: Tired of all that modern and neon-ish art? Let’s dive into some good ol’ 30s atmosphere! Gather the number of ducklings required to finish each level! If you’re quick enough, you’ll get a bonus by getting them all before the goat can eat the flower! Yes, because there is a whole menagerie in this game.
  • Laboratory: Solve the puzzles in as few moves as you can to get the best result! You won’t be able to stop moving unless you hit a wall, so watch out where you’re going!
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