Planet Entertainment Says They Were “Fully Within Their Rights” To Publish Cooking Mama: Cookstar

Planet Entertainment Says They Were “Fully Within Their Rights” To Publish Cooking Mama: Cookstar

Earlier this week, the owners of the Cooking Mama IP Office Create issued a statement saying that Cooking Mama: Cookstar was an “unauthorized release” by Planet Entertainment, and they intended to seek legal action against the publisher for it.

Today, Planet Entertainment has issued its own statement in response to Office Create’s claim. Although Planet does admit to having “creative differences” with Office Create about Cookstar, they were apparently “fully within their rights” to publish the game and there is “no active litigation or ruling” preventing them from doing so.

You can read their full statement below:

Planet Entertainment wants to explain the mystery surrounding the Nintendo Switch game to all Cooking Mama Cookstar fans.
Office Create, the rights holder to Cooking Mama, approved a detailed game design in 2019. 1st Playable the game developer and Planet followed the exact approved design. That design is the exact game on Nintendo Switch which also includes many additional Office Create suggestions which add gameplay value.

Unfortunately, creative differences arose as Cooking Mama Cookstar was near completion that were outside the scope of our agreement and the game design approved by Office Create.

By contact, Planet is fully within its rights to publish Cooking Mama Cookstar. There is no active litigation or ruling that prevents Planet from publishing the game.

Cooking Mama fans have been very enthusiastic about Cooking Mama Cookstar, including the many new features including Vegetarian and, Unicorn food, Potluck Party plus more.

We appreciate the overwhelming response and support from Cooking Mama Cookstar fans.

Office Create has our total respect. We thank them for their wisdom and wish them well.

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