Famitsu: Masahiro Sakurai Comments On The Coronavirus Situation In Japan And More

Famitsu: Masahiro Sakurai Comments On The Coronavirus Situation In Japan And More

The latest edition of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai’s weekly column for Famitsu magazine has been translated online, although the content this time is slightly different from usual.

Rather than provide updates on Super Smash Bros. specifically, Sakurai decided to share his thoughts on the ongoing Coronavirus situation, how its unfolding in Japan, as well as its impact on the games industry and his work.

You can check out the highlights below, as translated by Sephazon.

  • Sakurai notes that Japan had cautioned against people going out, but with lacking enforcement
  • Sakurai felt it was a loose warning and did not capture the crisis at hand
  • When Spain announced that any unnecessary work was prohibited for two weeks, Sakurai felt similar worldwide announcements would come
  • Sakurai says that in normal times all jobs are essential, but now it’s necessary to think in alternatives
  • Sakurai believes it’s important for the government to stop people from gathering as quickly as possible
  • Sakurai notes that there’s a strong sense in Japan for office workers to go to work no matter what
  • Sakurai doesn’t want to argue about his job being necessary/unnecessary, and sees entertainment jobs as the first to go during such a crisis
  • Sakurai does state that playing video games during such a time can be helpful during the crisis
  • Sakurai says the death of comedian Ken Shimura from the coronavirus has lead to more people taking it seriously
  • Sakurai notes it’s important to avoid contact with people and take extra precautions
  • Sakurai has been spending his time playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and J.J. and Jeff

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