Plushies Galore! New Pokemon Center Original Plushies Out Now

Plushies Galore! New Pokemon Center Original Plushies Out Now

This week, the Pokemon Center in Japan has released plenty of new plushies for Pokemon fans to go crazy after.

All of these plushies are now available for purchase on Amazon Japan, which ships the plushies internationally. Links to purchase can be found throughout this article. Check out our Pokemon Center guide if you’re new to purchasing from Amazon Japan.

First up is the highly anticipated Pokemon Dolls Oricorio lineup. It’s available in all four Oricorio forms (Baile, Pom-Pom, Pa’u, and Sensu). Buy here.

Now onto the standard Pokemon Center Original plushies lineup. The first Pokemon is Joltik, which is the same size as its video game counterpart. Buy here.

The second lifesize Pokemon plush is Cutiefly, which certainly looks like a butterfly bird hybrid. Buy here.

Following the Bug type lifesize plushies are fan favorites Sentret and Furret. Buy Sentret here and buy Furret here.

Just look at how long Furret is!

Last but not least are a duo of two blue and Water-type Pokemon plushies, Wooper and Marill! Buy Wooper here and buy Marill here.

That’s all for this week’s Pokemon Center plushie releases (for now!). If you’re thinking of buying one, let us know which you’re planning to in the comments below.

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