Pokemon Cafe’s Delicious Menu And Exclusive Merchandise Revealed In Japan

Pokemon Cafe’s Delicious Menu And Exclusive Merchandise Revealed In Japan

The Pokemon Company has announced the complete menu and merchandise that will be offered at the permanent Pokemon Cafe, when it opens alongside Pokemon Center Tokyo DX on March 14, 2018.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the menu items first. Don’t look if you’re hungry cause you will definitely drool!

Please note all prices are inclusive of 8% sales tax. For more details on how to reserve a seat at Pokemon Cafe, click here.

Food Menu

Pikachu’s Plate of Lust (1706 yen)

Contains Pikachu mashed potato, beef patty, star shaped hash brown, salad, and fried prawn. Eat everything up to see Pikachu’s face! Wanna bring home the plate, too? Pay up 2894 yen for the plate and meal.

Eevee’s Teriyaki Chicken Burger (1706 yen)

A burger with the image of Eevee on the top bun, followed by Teriyaki chicken patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. Served with fries and soup.

Fully Genki (Well) Pikachu Curry (1598 yen)

Turmeric rice served with curry sauce and star shaped hash browns, carrots, peas, and an assortment of vegetables.

Snorlax Is Full Too!! Hamburger Doria (1598 yen)

Hamburger patty sliced into the shape of Snorlax’s face placed on top of seafood Doria. Served with salad and soup.

Hide and Seek Pikachu Carbonara (1598 yen)

Pikachu is hiding in the grass! And underneath its butt is your pasta.

Sweets (Dessert) Menu

Pikachu And Lots Of Fruits Pudding A La Mode (1382 yen)

Pikachu pudding served with an assortment of fruits.

Lapras’ Surfing Marine Parfait (1274 yen)

A refreshing parfait which contains mango flavored blue jello, granola, and other ingredients. Stir and eat!

Eevee’s Dark Chocolate Parfait (1274 yen)

A delicious parfait which contains coffee, lots of cream, and dark chocolate. Mix everything up and enjoy!

Singing Jigglypuff Cheese Cake (1166 yen)

Jigglypuff cheese cake served with note shaped cookies, cream, and berries.

Mimikyu’s Chocolate Banana Crepe (1598 yen)

A delicious chocolate banana crepe with Mimikyu’s head (NOT face) on it. Served with an assortment of fruits.

Pokemon Cafe Fruit Pancake (1706 yen)

A pancake imprinted with the official Pokemon Cafe logo, served with an assortment of fruits, whipped cream, and Pikachu tail biscuit.

Drinks Menu

Pikachu/Eevee Latte (864 yen each)

Pikachu/Eevee Latte, served either hot or cold! Bring home the mug by paying 1944 yen instead.

Fluttery Mix Ole Berry/Chocolate/Fruit (1080 yen each)

Make your very own Mix Ole at Pokemon Cafe with the help of the staff! Comes with the flavor you want and a nutritious bottle of Moo Moo Milk.

Gengar’s Dubious Illuminating Smoothie (864 yen)

Grape flavored frozen smoothie served in glass with Gengar’s face.

Ditto’s Transformation Fruit Tea (918 yen)

A fruit tea that gradually transforms in flavor as you stir it!

Float Drink – Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon (918 yen each)

Floating Drink that comes with ice-cream, fruits, and a straw that matches the color of the Eevee evolution!

Drink That Comes With An Original Cup – Pokemon Cafe/Pikachu (1728 yen)

Order Oolong Tea, Coca Cola, Orange Juice, or Apple Juice and get an original Pokemon Cafe or Pikachu cup (not pictured).

Coffee Served With Pikachu’s Tail Cookie (864 yen)

A cup of coffee served either hot or cold with a small cookie of Pikachu’s tail.


Chef Pikachu Plush (2160 yen)

Waitress Pikachu Plush (2160 yen)

Pokemon Cafe Logo RIVERS Wallmug – Black/Red/Beige (1296 yen each)

Pokemon Cafe Hand Towel (756 yen)

Pokemon Cafe Logo Tote Bag (1620 yen)

Pokemon Cafe Poke Ball Mug (1296 yen)

Pokemon Cafe Logo Plate (1296 yen)