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6w, t8, uc5, la, rlx, d, jf8, 5fe, s4, Pokemon Center And HORAGUCHI KAYO Team Up For Pokemon Berry's Forest, Ghost's Castle Merchandise | NintendoSoup
Pokemon Center And HORAGUCHI KAYO Team Up For Pokemon Berry’s Forest, Ghost’s Castle Merchandise

Pokemon Center And HORAGUCHI KAYO Team Up For Pokemon Berry’s Forest, Ghost’s Castle Merchandise

The Pokemon Company and HORAGUCHI KAYO have announced a new Pokemon Center product collaboration in Japan.

HORAGUCHI KAYO is a Japanese apparel design company well known for their fresh and unique graphic design. As part of this collaboration, HORAGUCHI KAYO has come up with the “Berry’s Forest, Ghost’s castle” product series featuring this piece of artwork:

Most products in this series have two versions – Forest and Castle. For example:

Reversible Tote Bag Forest

Reversible Tote Bag Castle

Pokemon Center’s Berry’s Forest, Ghost’s castle merchandise launches September 14, 2019 at all Pokemon Center and Pokemon Store locations across Japan. We will let you know once international pre-orders begin on Amazon Japan.

Check out the prices, products, and images below:

Reversible Tote Bag Forest 1,800円(★)
Reversible Tote Bag Castle 1,800円(★)
Reversible Sacoche Bag Forest 2,000円(★)
Reversible Sacoche Bag Castle 2,000円(★)
Apron Forest 2,500円(★)
Apron Castle 2,500円(★)
Mitten Forest 1,500円(★)
Mitten Castle 1,500円(★)
Acrylic Charm Collection Forest 480円
※10 designs to collect. Design cannot be chosen.
Acrylic Charm Collection Castle 480円
※10 designs to collect. Design cannot be chosen.
Pass Case Forest 1,500円(★)
Pass Case Castle 1,500円(★)
Fusen Set  500円(★)
A4 Clear File  200円
Melamine Plate Forest 700円(★)
Melamine Plate Castle 700円(★)
Melamine Cup Forest 600円(★)
Melamine Cup Castle 600円(★)
Big Drop Ramune Strawberry and Melon Flavor  1,200円
Masking Tape 2 Set  600円(★)
B6 Ring Notebook  600円(★)
Foldable Mirror Forest 1,500円(★)
Foldable Mirror Castle 1,500円(★)
Blanket Forest 2,800円(★)
Blanket Castle 2,800円(★)
Place Mat 2 Set  1,000円(★)
Draining Mat Forest 1,000円(★)
Draining Mat Castle 1,000円(★)
Drinking Bottle Forest 1,400円(★)
Drinking Bottle Castle 1,400円(★)
Pouch Forest 1,600円(★)
Pouch Castle 1,600円(★)
Multi Smartphone Cover Forest 3,000円(★)
Multi Smartphone Cover Castle 3,000円(★)
Soft Jacket for iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Forest 1,880円(★)
Soft Jacket for iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Castle 1,880円(★)
Soft Jacket for iPhone Xs/X Forest 2,000円(★)
Soft Jacket for iPhone Xs/X Castle 2,000円(★)
PC・Tablet Case Forest 2,600円(★)
PC・Tablet Case Castle 2,600円(★)

All prices exclusive of 8% sales tax

Items marked(★) will be available on Amazon Japan