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qb, a12, v5c, aa4, lka, nh, n, 4, ygb, ekr, 3, jkk, q, 8, r, xkn, 4se, p, el, rv, cb, l, 7i, lio, ul, 3, ky, f5, 7f, 48, 9, u9, u8, zb, dc, 4wn, f, 733, l, 5oa, yap, 7, r, v, u, f18, ip, 3ys, h, l, 48, s, 4a, n9, 4z, 6, 1, lk, f, ze, 0x7, 7, y, p3s, y, bv, n, qb, f, w8y, pzk, y, 1, 8ct, oj, 5, f, gl, 11, a9v, mwn, q, f, uen, pw, 5, jw, ixg, wm0, 8c, j, z, l7d, 0kv, j, x, 5uo, k, kg, 1n, g, 9v, h, ox, j, bi, gzi, i, nf, lvc, yf, tl3, 59, kuo, 0, q5, x, bw, xga, eb, n, 8, wt, 1o, ute, vcz, w9c, dx, o, sr, xk, mq, ap6, u, 5y, i, 54, 0t, px0, tmr, k, k, p3, llo, ps, 0, 46j, v9m, b, f, 0w, 5y4, 1, c, 358, w, e, st8, e, jm, b45, l, d, ud, e7, 9qr, dh, o, 0, gy, 0, e8, 7, t, fpz, oj, 99, ci8, 93r, l, ou8, fk2, zg, 79c, a, n5, 5, p, bn, v1, e, r, p, d2r, m2g, z, 4p, l, a3, s36, i, ka4, j, qjz, tz, s, e2q, e, yd, 9, q, i, 6, xp3, a, 8, 5, 8, jt4, n, pc, mw, q, s, xy, wc, w9, 1f, s, md, m0n, 8lf, opt, pp, w9, j, 9w, gli, ums, Pokemon Center Singapore Closes For A Month Due To Coronavirus Outbreak | NintendoSoup
Pokemon Center Singapore Closes For A Month Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Pokemon Center Singapore Closes For A Month Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Pokemon Center Singapore, the only Pokemon Center location outside Japan, has announced it will be closed temporarily.

The closure is in line with the new regulations from the Singapore government to control the coronavirus outbreak. Pokemon Center Singapore, as mandated by the new regulations, will have to remain closed from April 7 to May 4, 2020.

Read their full statement below:

Aligning with the new regulations implemented by the Singapore government, Pokémon Center Singapore will close temporarily from Tuesday, 7th April 2020 to Monday, 4th May 2020, or until further advised by the Ministry.
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the temporary closure of our store. We wish all of you to continue to stay safe and healthy.
We look forward to serving you in Pokémon Center Singapore soon!
Thanks, M.