Pokemon Center Singapore’s Exclusive Sword And Shield Pre-Order Bonus Angers Fans

Pokemon Center Singapore’s Exclusive Sword And Shield Pre-Order Bonus Angers Fans

Today we have some disappointing news about the Pokemon Sword and Shield pre-order bonus at Pokemon Center Singapore.

Pokemon Center Singapore, the first permanent overseas Pokemon Center location managed by The Pokemon Company, announced their exclusive pre-order bonus for Pokemon Sword and Shield pre-orders on September 1, 2019.

Many people were looking forward to what the exclusive pre-order bonus was, but they felt cheated and angry because it’s merely a “reusable sticker” and “exclusive Pokemon Tretta chip”:

This pales in comparison to Pokemon Center Japan’s figurines and artbook as well as Pokemon Center US’s plush keychains, which many customers were expecting Pokemon Center Singapore to offer.

Making matters worse is the fact that the games cost SGD89.90 (USD64.79). This is a problem because most retailers in Singapore are selling the games for around SGD68 (USD49).

The Pokemon Company tried to salvage the situation by offering a Gold SteelBook to the first 300 people who pre-order the Pokemon Sword and Shield Double Pack, though it’s important to note this SteelBook is offered for free in Europe’s Double Pack and it’s also available at a lower price at other retailers in Singapore.

Many unhappy fans have voiced their displeasure with the weak lineup of exclusive pre-order bonuses and angry about the high cost:

“The highest price and the worst bonus gift in the world… (the) EU/US/JP version preorder (gifts) are much better than this.”

“For that price we are actually paying for the bonus (gift)”

“At that price, we’re buying the exclusives, they’re not bonus (gifts)”

“Too expensive”

“For the pre-order price, the pre-order bonus is not worth it. Just my opinion.”

“What!?! The bonus (gift) is totally not worth the price… and I have to travel all the way to Jewel just for a sticker? I don’t play Pokemon Tretta, I don’t see a need for it. No thanks! And what happened to the plushie keychain?”

“What’s so exclusive about it if I can print the sticker myself?”

“Bruh, an exclusive sticker and a Tretta chip? You guys are such jokers.”

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