Pokemon Detective Pikachu Merchandise Announced In North America

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Merchandise Announced In North America

The Pokemon Company International has announced a future lineup of Pokemon Detective Pikachu merchandise for North America.

First, the company confirmed Pokemon Detective Pikachu merchandise is on the way to the official Pokemon Center website in the United States. Below you’ll be able to have a look at a Detective Pikachu hat with Pikachu ears.

Other companies, such as Wicked Cool Toys and Mattel’s Mega Construx, are in the midst of preparing toys. Wicked Cool Toys is making a talking Detective Pikachu plush.

Check out the full details below:

Pokémon Center

Prior to the film’s release, fans can get into a Ryme City groove with a selection of new apparel and items from PokemonCenter.com. That cup of joe you’re sipping will taste even better in a Hi-Hat Cafe Mug, and you’ll look extra stylish wearing some neon-inspired Hi-Hat Cafe apparel. If you’d rather celebrate Ryme City itself, a line of apparel commemorating the bustling burg’s 10th anniversary parade will make you look like a proud resident.

If you’re in a more playful mood, you can pretend to be a world-class detective by donning a deerstalker hat that sports Detective Pikachu’s iconic ears. Imagine how impressed the other moviegoers will be when you walk into the theater on opening day dressed as the star of the film! (Just make sure you take the hat off before the movie starts—those ears stand out!)

Of course, these are just some of the great POKÉMON Detective Pikachu items that you’ll find at the Pokémon Center, so keep looking forward to what other goodies are in store!



Plenty of toys based on the film are coming to keep fans entertained. Wicked Cool Toys will release a series of action figures, plush (including a talking Detective Pikachu), and roleplay items that let you relive your favorite moments from the movie or create your own adventures.

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You can also build your own adventure with Mattel’s Mega Construx building sets. The upcoming line will feature characters and settings from the film, including a massive, buildable Detective Pikachu complete with a deerstalker hat and magnifying glass. This large-scale figure also features mechanized movement, adding extra life to the toy.