Pokemon Fans Are Comparing Graphics And Animations Between Sword/Shield And Dragon Quest XI S

Pokemon Fans Are Comparing Graphics And Animations Between Sword/Shield And Dragon Quest XI S

An animation and graphics comparison video by Youtube channel TheCodingGamer has been attracting a lot of attention in the Pokemon community.

The video compares the overworld and battle scenes in Pokemon Sword and Shield and Dragon Quest XI S. Both games are coming to Nintendo Switch this year.

Have a look at the video below:

The comparison video showed that Pokemon Sword and Shield was no match to the graphics and animations in Dragon Quest XI S. Dragon Quest XI S has more realistic scenery and varied terrain, whereas Pokemon Sword and Shield’s overworld is pretty flat and empty. Animations of characters and enemies in Dragon Quest XI S are more lively and unique as compared to the Pokemon that just “jump around” during battles.

This was how the Pokemon community reacted to the comparison:

“Never played Dragon Quest but you just convinced me to buy it. Looks really great.” – phantomimp

“Gamefreak really shot themselves in the foot when they excused the cut Pokémon with “higher quality animations”. We have yet to see anything animation-related that is of higher quality than what the handheld 3d games could do.” – Zekrom-9

“Sword and Shield really does look like it’s from early Gamecube era. You look at games like Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime and Super Smash Bros Melee that pack in so much for games of their era and you got Sword and Shield, three generations of consoles later cutting content and making the content in the game subpar at best, that makes the Gamecube era better by comparison.” – megasean3000

“If you’ve never played Dragon Quest, or haven’t played 11 yet, then 11S will be a must play. It’s such an amazing game, quickly became one of my favorites of all time while I was playing it. As you can see even with the graphical downgrades necessary to put it on Switch it’s a beautiful game full of life in the world. You won’t regret giving it a chance.

Man the comparison is just kind of depressing really.” – Finarion

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