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c, oqg, gp, d, w, me, uq, j, w37, inq, f, mtj, 2, w6g, ph, Pokemon Fans Get Super Creative With Kissing Trainer Cards In Sword And Shield | NintendoSoup
Pokemon Fans Get Super Creative With Kissing Trainer Cards In Sword And Shield

Pokemon Fans Get Super Creative With Kissing Trainer Cards In Sword And Shield

Last year, we shared with you some really funny Trainer Cards players created in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

A few months have passed since we shared with you a trainer finding a way to kiss Leon in their trainer card. Now two Pokemon trainers have created even something crazier – if you align both of their trainer cards side-by-side with each other, you’ll see both trainers kissing each other. How romantic!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks, Brandon.