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jvk, on, em, 6, 27, t, 2s, y7, c5x, x, Pokemon GO Dataminer Shares First Look At Upcoming Unova Pokemon | NintendoSoup
Pokemon GO Dataminer Shares First Look At Upcoming Unova Pokemon

Pokemon GO Dataminer Shares First Look At Upcoming Unova Pokemon

As you may know, Niantic and The Pokemon Company recently revealed that Unova region Pokemon would be coming to Pokemon GO in a few weeks time.

Today, Pokemon GO dataminer Chrales has shared a number of models for Unova Pokemon that have been added to the game’s code. Among them are the Unova starters, the Legendary Musketeer Trio, as well as fan favorites like Golurk and Hydreigon.

Check them out below:

  • Snivy, Servine, Serperior
  • Tepig, Pignite, Emboar
  • Oshawott, Dewott, Samurott
  • Patrat, Watchog
  • Lillipup, Herdier, Stoutland
  • Purrloin, Liepard
  • Pansage, Simisage
  • Pansear, Simisear
  • Panpour, Simipour
  • Munna, Musharna
  • Pidove, Tranquill, Unfezant
  • Blitzle, Zebstrika
  • Woobat, Swoobat
  • Drilbur, Excadrill
  • Audino
  • Timburr, Gurdurr, Conkledurr
  • Dwebble, Crustle
  • Scraggy, Scrafty
  • Yamask, Cofagrigus
  • Foongus, Amoonguss
  • Ferroseed, Ferrothorn
  • Klink, Klang, Klinklang
  • Litwick, Lampent, Chandelure
  • Golett, Golkurk
  • Heatmor
  • Durant
  • Deino, Zwelious, Hydreigon
  • Cobalion
  • Terrakion
  • Virizion

That said, so far only Klink, Patrat and Lillipup are confirmed to be arriving as part of the Ultra Bonus campaign starting September 16. We can probably assume that the rest of the Pokemon datamined here will be added to Pokemon GO shortly after, but we will await further confirmation from official sources before reporting more.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.