Pokemon GO: “Lucky Friends” and “Avatar Poses” Coming Soon

Pokemon GO: “Lucky Friends” and “Avatar Poses” Coming Soon

Earlier this week, Niantic announced two new features that will be coming to Pokemon GO.

The first new feature is “Lucky Friends”, which is a permanent way to get guaranteed Lucky Pokemon. Once per day, any of a player’s “Best Friends” has a chance to become a “Lucky Friend” after trading, gifting, or otherwise interacting with them.  Once the “Lucky Friend” status has been obtained, the next trade made with them is guaranteed to give a “Lucky Pokemon” to both trainers.

After this trade is complete, both trainers will return to “Best Friend” status, but they may try to become “Lucky Friends” again the next day. There is apparently no limit to the number of “Lucky Friends” you can have active at a time.

The second new feature is “Avatar Poses”. For 500 coins each, players can obtain a special pose for their trainer avatars to be used in their trainer profile, friend list, raid lobbies, gyms, and battle previews. Once a pose is purchased, it will be unlocked for both male and female avatars.

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