Pokemon Go: Zangoose And Sevipers Have Migrated

Pokemon Go: Zangoose And Sevipers Have Migrated

Seviper and Zangoose were launched last month as regional exclusives for Europe/Asia/Oceania, and America/Africa last month and you might have packed your bags to prepare for your cross continent trip to catch the two region Pokemon.

However, you can put that plane ticket down already as these two bad-blooded Pokemon have swapped the locations. According to Serebii, you can now get Seviper in America/Africa, while Zangoose in Europe/Asia/Oceania.

Theres no indication on how long this might continue on for so if the weather is not too bad out there, why not go out for a walk Pokemon Master.

Pokémon GO – Migration

When Pokémon GO added Hoenn Pokémon last month, the Pokémon Zangoose and Seviper appeared to be exclusives to certain regions, with Americas and Africa getting Zangoose and Europe, Asia & Oceania getting Seviper. Overnight, however, they have appeared to have swapped with Zangoose appearing in Europe & Asia while Seviper has begun appearing in Americas and Africa. It’s currently unknown how long this will continue for