[UPDATE] Pokemon HOME Now Live On Nintendo Switch And On Mobile

[UPDATE] Pokemon HOME Now Live On Nintendo Switch And On Mobile

The Pokemon Company has just released Pokemon HOME for the Nintendo Switch.

You can now download Pokemon HOME via the Nintendo Switch eshop. Furthermore, Pokemon Bank on 3DS is also receiving an update that will add Pokemon HOME connectivity to the app. The mobile version of Pokemon HOME is also available on iOS and Android. More details will be shared as they come.


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[UPDATE]: Additional Details about the app have been included below

  • A new character called “Grand Oak” is the host of the app, his goal is to complete the National Pokedex
  • Logging into the Nintendo Switch version of the app will give you a free Pikachu.
    • Logging in on mobile will give you a Kanto starter of your choice.
  • Players receive 3000 HOME points for transferring from Bank
    • Transferring from Pokemon Bank will erase the Pokemon’s Hyper Training data
  • HOME allows players to mass release Pokemon
  • “Battle-Only” form variants (e.g. Megas) are automatically registered in the Pokedex, Gigantamax will require Gigantamax capable Pokemon