Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee In Dire Shortage In Russia

Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee In Dire Shortage In Russia

We have a piece of interesting news to share on Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee from Russia.

It appears that many retailers in Russia are offering a higher ratio of Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu as compared to Let’s GO Eevee. The uneven proportion also seems to affect both the console bundle and Poke Ball Plus sets.

Video game retailer Videoigr.net told the press that a very limited quantity of Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee will be imported to Russia, making the Eevee version rarer than ever.

The retailer attributed the cause to Nintendo Russia’s product manager, who believed that Russians don’t recognize anyone other than Pikachu:

“We’ll call that a mis-prediction of [Nintendo’s] regional product manager, who had decided Russians don’t recognise any other Pokémon but Pikachu.”

The shortage of Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee in Russia has started to drive digital sales up on the Russian Nintendo eShop, as it’s now more popular than Let’s GO Pikachu there.

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