Pokemon Masters EX Upcoming Zamazenta Legendary Event, Story Conclusion, And More Detailed

Pokemon Masters EX Upcoming Zamazenta Legendary Event, Story Conclusion, And More Detailed

DeNA has published another message from its development team detailing upcoming content for Pokemon Masters EX.

The new message reveals that the game’s main story will conclude on July 29th 2021, which will cooincide with a new Solo Event starring Hoopa & Lear. This will then by followed up by a Legendary Event starring Zamazenta & Hop on August 11th. The message also details a few other new Sync Pairs and other features that will be heading to the game.

You can read a summary of the key details below:

  • Late July App Update
    • Triple Poke-Fair Scount with Sygna Suit Red, Blue, and Leaf.
    • New BP Sync Pair Battle Chatelaine Evelyn & Entei added to BP Sync Pair Super Voucher exchange.
    • Battle Points added as additional Master Mode rewards after August 8th.
  • Story Conclusion
    • PML Arc of the main story will conclude on July 29th.
  • Lear Takes The Lead Solo Event ~ July 29th
    • New Solo event starring Lear.
    • New Sync Pairs added to Scout:
      • Lear & Hoopa
      • Rachel & Umbreon
      • Sawyer & Honchcrow
  • New Event: Daily Type Rotation Team Up
    • New kind of event where players battle Sync Pairs of the 18 types.
    • Rewards various items.
  • Falkner & Swellow Sync Pair Scout ~ August 4th.
  • Two Years Celebration Run-Up ~ August 11th
    • Max Moves: New type of ultimate move which allows Pokemon to Dynamax, useable once per battle.
    • Howling Shield Of Eternity Legendary Event
      • Hop & Zamazenta added as free 5* Sync Pair
    • Two-Year Run-Up Special Rally ~ August 18th
      • Three Legendary Events Rerun
        • Cyrus & Palkia
        • Professor Sycamore & Xerneas
        • Ghetsis & Kyurem
      • Special Log-In Bonus and Special Missions
      • Training Area Reward Boost
      • Blissful Bonanza Event
      • Legendary Arena Cresselia returns
  • Late August Update
    • Daily Log-In Bonus Update
    • Evolution Material and Sync Orb Area will cost 0 Stamina

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