Pokemon Masters Receives New Profiles For Its Original Characters

Pokemon Masters Receives New Profiles For Its Original Characters

Following the release of the new trailer a few moments ago, DeNA and The Pokemon Company have released some new details for the original characters that are being introduced in Pokemon Masters.

While several of these mysterious characters previously showed up in the original Pokemon Masters trailer, we now have the full details as to their names and roles in the game’s story. Check their profiles out below along with their official renders.

  • Main Character: A male or female can be chosen as the main character and will become the player’s alter ego. The main character forms a sync pair with the Electic-type Pokémon, Pikachu, and sets out on an adventurous journey across the artificial island of Pasio.
  • Paulo: The main character’s rival Trainer is Paulo, a Trainer who aims to make it to the Pokémon Masters League (PML). An exceptional student with a strong sense of justice, he’s always one step ahead of the main character.
  • Lear, Sawyer, and Rachel: Lear is a prince from an unknown country, who has teamed up with Sawyer and Rachel. Lear built the artificial island of Pasio and organized the Pokémon Masters League in order to conquer his own weakness.
  • Professor Bellis: Professor Bellis is the Pokémon Professor on the island of Pasio. She spends her time researching the relationship between Pokémon and sync stones, which are needed to execute sync moves.

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Pokemon Masters is scheduled to launch sometime in Summer 2019 for mobile devices.

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