Pokemon Sun/Moon Elite Four Global Mission is now live

Pokemon Sun/Moon Elite Four Global Mission is now live

A new Global Mission is now live for trainers playing Pokemon Sun/Moon. The “Defend Your Champion Title” Global Mission is really simple – participants will have to work together to earn the title of League Champion at least 100,000 times.

To earn the League Champion title, trainers will have to defeat the Elite Four and current League Champion in Pokemon Sun/Moon. The Global Mission runs from June 27, 12am UTC to July 10 11:59pm UTC.

If the 100,000 League Champion title goal is met by the deadline, participants will be rewarded with Festival Coins. Pokemon Global Link (PGL) members will earn 4000 Festival Coins, while trainers who aren’t members will earn 2000 Festival Coins. If the goal isn’t met, PGL members and trainers will receive 400 and 200 Festival Coins respectively.

There’s a bonus goal too. If 200,000 League Champion titles are earned by the deadline, PGL members will receive a Moon Ball. All PGL members will also receive 5 Rare Candies if they earn the League Champion at least once – regardless of whether the goal is met or not.

Becoming a PGL member and syncing to Pokemon Sun/Moon is free and easy. Click here to register here if you don’t have an account.