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Pokemon Sword/Shield Developers Share More Details About Sobble

Pokemon Sword/Shield Developers Share More Details About Sobble

Earlier this week, Game Informer released interviews with Game Freak about the Starter Pokemon Grookey and Scorbunny from Pokemon Sword/Shield. If you’ve been waiting to hear more about the final starter Pokemon Sobble, the time is now!

Game Informer has revealed a new excerpt about the water Pokemon. In particular, we get some interesting tidbits about Sobble’s origins in Game Freak, what Game Freak felt about Sobble’s timid personality, and more!

Check out the highlights of the interview below, along with the full video further below.

  • Ohmori believes that “very kind and caring” people will choose Sobble as their Pokemon…but they may also be shy.
    • This lines up with Sobble’s ability to become transparent when it submerges into water
  • Sobble’s meek design is actually quite rare for the Pokemon series – as the burden of creating Pokemon designs was delegated to smaller teams by a visual designer and gameplay planner this time. Through this arrangement, Sobble’s concept popped up thanks to two women in one of those teams.
  • Game Freak was a little unsure if Sobble’s design would be well-received globally. They were more certain of Sobble’s appeal within Japan – where people often feel something is cute when they feel sorry for it.
  • James Turner mentions that he loves Sobble’s evolutions – although he refused to comment further on them.
  • According to Game Freak, players will realize how well the three starter Pokemon fit into the Galar region as they evolve.
  • In closing, Junichi Masuda felt that:
    • Shy people would appreciate Sobble;
    • Happy people should choose Grookey; and
    • Energetic people would enjoy Scorbunny.

What do you think? Did you learn something new about Sobble? Feel free to leave your comments below!