Pokemon TCG Tag Team Latias & Latios GX Officially Revealed In The West

Pokemon TCG Tag Team Latias & Latios GX Officially Revealed In The West

The Pokemon Company has revealed the official English artwork for the Pokemon TCG Tag Team Latias & Latios GX card.

This card, featuring the Eon Pokemon Duo, comes with a huge Buster Purge attack and Aero Unit-GX attack. Learn what inspired the designers to make this card below:

Latias & Latios-GX

On their own, Legendary Pokémon are incredibly powerful. But when Pokémon like Latias and Latios join forces, they can be unstoppable! Now the combined strength of the Eon Pokémon comes to the Pokémon TCG. The TAG TEAM Latias & Latios-GXzooms into battle at full speed with the huge Buster Purge attack, delivering enough damage to Knock Out most of the Pokémon this duo could face in a single blast. You’ll have to discard Energy, but the TAG TEAM’s Aero Unit-GX attack makes it easy to replenish and attack again. You can even get a team bonus to protect this TAG TEAM for a turn if you have an extra Energy attached when you use this incredible GX attack. Draw from the might of two Legendary Pokémon with the TAG TEAM Latias & Latios-GX!

Hear from the game designers at Pokémon TCG developer Creatures Inc. about the Eon Pokémon’s TAG TEAM appearance!

Why did you choose to match up these two Pokémon as TAG TEAM partners?

Atsushi Nagashima, game director, Pokémon Trading Card Game: When thinking of pairs for TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX, we wanted them to be intuitively exciting to players, but we also wanted to think of what kind of story might have led the two Pokémon to join forces. We explored ideas for different relationships they might have from a variety of perspectives, such as their synergy, whether or not they are buddies or rivals to each other, how well they could synchronize with each other, how their combined power could be multiplied rather than just added, or what kind of combined attack they might be able to use. We came up with a lot of pairs in which the two Pokémon do not resemble each other, so with this TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX card, we decided we wanted to pair two Pokémon that are very similar, which is why we chose Latias and Latios.

How did you combine the distinct traits of these two Pokémon onto a single card?

Mitsuhiro Arita, illustrator, Pokémon Trading Card Game: These two Pokémon naturally pair with each other, and it makes sense for them to team up. To make the TAG TEAM feeling even stronger, I had them both fly at an extremely high speed, causing a powerful shock wave to occur.