Pokemon Trademark “Dynamax Band” Registered In Japan

Pokemon Trademark “Dynamax Band” Registered In Japan

Nintendo, Creatures Inc., and Game Freak, the owners of the Pokemon brand, have registered a new trademark for the “Dynamax Band” in Japan.

This news comes shortly after Dynamax Evolution was revealed as a mechanic in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Specifically, the trademark was for “ダイマックスバンド”, which translates to “Dynamax Band”. The trademark covers “game tools, plush dolls, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, exercise equipment” and more.

The inclusion of “game tools” in the list is of particular note, as it suggests that much like the Mega Ring and Z-Ring before it, we may be getting a toy Dynamax Band which can be used with the games. This is all just speculation however, and we will bring more official news as it comes.

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