Pokemon And Kanahei Team Up For Second Wave Of Pokemon Yurutto Merchandise

Pokemon And Kanahei Team Up For Second Wave Of Pokemon Yurutto Merchandise

The Pokemon Company and Kanahei Animals illustrator Kanahei have announced the second wave of Pokemon Yurutto merchandise for Pokemon Center Japan.

The latest line of merchandise includes plushies, pencil cases, stickers, T-shirts, and so much more. Pokemon featured include Pikachu, Eevee, Squritle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander in Kanahei Animals style.

All products in this new lineup are scheduled to launch December 15, 2018 at Pokemon Center locations and Amazon Japan. We will let you know once pre-orders go live!

See the full list of products, pictures, and prices below:

Plush Pikachu2 1,500 yen(★)
Plush Eevee 1,500 yen(★)
Mascot Pikachu2 1,000 yen(★)
Mascot Eevee 1,000 yen(★)
Mascot Bulbasaur 1,000 yen(★)
Mascot Charmander 1,000 yen(★)
Mascot Squirtle 1,000 yen(★)
Plush style Pencil Case Pikachu 1,600 yen(★)
Plush style Pencil Case Eevee 1,600 yen(★)
Plush style Mini Backpack Pouch Pikachu 1,650 yen(★)
Plush style Mini Backpack Pouch Eevee 1,650 yen(★)
Plush style Cushion Pikachu 3,500 yen(★)
Plush style Cushion Eevee 3,500 yen(★)
Tissue Box Cover Pikachu&Eevee 2,200 yen(★)
A4 Clear File 2 set Perfect Day Outdoors 460 yen(★)
B6 Ring Notebook Perfect Day Outdoors 650 yen(★)
Sticker Green 350 yen
Sticker Purple 350 yen
Sticker Pink 350 yen
Masking Tape Mugyugyu2 600 yen(★)
Masking Tape WashaWasha 600 yen(★)
Hand Towel Pikachu2 500 yen(★)
Hand Towel Eevee 500 yen(★)
Hand Towel Bulbasaur 500 yen(★)
Hand Towel Charmander 500 yen(★)
Hand Towel Squirtle 500 yen(★)
Mini Bath Towel Perfect Day Outdoors 1,920 yen(★)
Pouch Bulbasaur 1,200 yen(★)
Pouch Charmander 1,500 yen(★)
Pouch Squirtle 1,500 yen(★)
Tote Bag Gathering 3,000 yen(★)
Lunch Tote Bag Mugyugyu 2,000 yen(★)
Eco Bag  1,200 yen(★)
Pass Case Pikachu 1,500 yen(★)
Pass Case Eevee 1,500 yen(★)
Foldable Mirror Surisuri 1,400 yen(★)
Drawstring Pouch Pikachu&Ditto 680 yen(★)
Platter Buraa (Cup) Blue 600 yen(★)
Platter Buraa (Cup) Pink 600 yen(★)
Multi Smartphone Cover Surisuri 3,000 yen(★)
Soft Jacket for iPhone 8/7/6s/6  1,880 yen(★)
Multi Ring Pikachu 1,680 yen(★)
Multi Ring Eevee 1,680 yen(★)
Arcylic Charm Collection 2 500 yen
※10 designs to collect, design cannot be chosen
T-shirt Mugyugyu(S/M/L) 3,000 yen(★)
T-shirt Pikachu&Eevee(S/M/L) 3,000 yen(★)
Hoodie Sweatshirt (M/L) 5,600 yen(★)
Socks (select up to 3 types)(10 designs ◆Crew Socks: Kids PY Pikachu/Kids PY Eevee/Kids PY Pikachu&Eevee ◆Ankle Socks PY:Darting About/KonKon/Refreshing Rain/Euphoric/Ditto/Surisuri/EeveeMugyugyu)※Size: Crew Socks19㎝~21㎝/Ankle Socks23㎝~25㎝ 1,000 yen
Masking Tape Bulbasaur&Charmander&Squirtle 600 yen(★)
Candy in Jar  700 yen

All prices exclusive of 8% sales tax

Items marked(★)will be available on Amazon Japan