Projection For Nintendo Switch To Include Touch Support

Projection For Nintendo Switch To Include Touch Support

Despite being marketed as a home console, the Nintendo Switch actually comes with a touchscreen, which is not often utilised. However, in an interview with Vooks, Developers of the puzzle platformer, Projection, Shadowplay Studios have confirmed that the game will come with touch support when it launches on the Nintendo Switch.

Though the game also used touch for the PS4, the developers mentioned that touch on the Switch will be more accurate than the PS4 controller’s touchpad. Although you would have to play it on handheld for touch to work.

Vooks: So you feel it’s a really good fit for the Switch?

Shadowplay Studios: Yeah! And also to mention, with the Switch touch controls, moving the light around with touch is great.

Not many games do that, so much appreciated!

Yeah, you can use the touchpad on the PS4 controller, but it’s not as accurate. The Switch’s touch support is much better! [laughs]

The full interview contains many tidbits about the game such as its inspiration, developing for the Switch, and so on. You can read the interview from Vooks here.