ProtoCorgi Heads To Nintendo Switch In November 2020

ProtoCorgi Heads To Nintendo Switch In November 2020

Need more cute dogs in your games? Well, this adorable shooter title will certainly charm you!

Kemono Games has confirmed that ProtoCorgi will be launching for Nintendo Switch in November 2020. The game sees players in control of a cybernetic puppy attempting to save his creator!

Check out an older trailer below, along with further details:


Retro style pixel art, horizontal shoot ’em up, arcade gameplay and the cutest little cyber hero you will ever meet.

Play as Bullet, a C³ class (Cute Cyber Corgi) cybernetic pup in his quest for saving his owner, a brilliant scientist kidnaped by a strange alien race that wants to rule the galaxy.

With tight controls, smooth gameplay and exciting mechanics, ProtoCorgi aims to converge the best of the classics and the newest of the shoot ’em up genre into one solid piece.

Dodge, shoot, and bark in this cute action shoot ’em up.

Key Features

  • Fully animated beautiful pixel art.
  • Tight controls and solid gameplay.
  • Five stages planned for development, each with own unique bosses and themes.
  • Available for PC at launch, consoles later.
  • More surprises.