PSA: Pokemon HOME Subscriptions Start With Automatic Renewal Enabled

PSA: Pokemon HOME Subscriptions Start With Automatic Renewal Enabled

We have some important information to share for those of you who have subscribed to Pokemon HOME‘s premium membership.

When first subscribing to Pokemon HOME, whether it be the 1, 3, or 12 month subscription, the game automatically sets the subscription to renew automatically. This means that once the initial time period is up, players will automatically signed up for additional months on the service and be charged accordingly.

Although this is convenient for players who intend to use the service in the long-term, others may only wish to use the premium service for one month or less. For example, to use the Premium-only Pokemon Bank transfer feature to port over their favorites and nothing else.

To avoid being charged unnecessarily, players who no longer wish to use Pokemon HOME after their subscription is up should disable the auto-renewal in the “subscriptions” section of their Nintendo Account.

Do note that according to the Japanese FAQ for Pokemon HOME, players whose subscriptions expire will not be able to withdraw Pokemon from their “Premium Boxes”, and can only access Pokemon in their one “Free Box”. They will not be able to access Pokemon in their Premium boxes until they renew their subscriptions, although those Pokemon will still be kept on the account for a certain amount of time.

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