Random: Kinect Modded To Play Super Mario 64

Random: Kinect Modded To Play Super Mario 64

YouTuber Super Louis 64, who has a penchant for modding motion-based controllers to work with games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Dark Souls III, is now back with another bizarre controller setup for a beloved classic!

This time, he’s programmed the Xbox’s Kinect to work with none other than the classic Super Mario 64. Specifically speaking, he programmed the camera to detect convert movements such as jumping, crouching, and more into actual actions for Mario in the game!

Watch the hilarity ensue below:

“When I jump, Mario Jumps. Seriously! Super Mario 64 played on a Kinect. What happens if we played Mario 64 with a motion controls mod? Well with a Kinect and joycons you can find out! With this mod you can play Super Mario 64 on PC by moving your body. Jump IRL to make Mario Jump.”